If you’ve been

afraid to eat a delicious meal

because of what might happen to your
digestive system and energy levels right after…
And, if you’ve ever been told by your doctor that
you should just “EAT LESS” or “TAKE PROBIOTICS” to
fix your digestive discomfort such as:
You’ve been mislead
Which will cause the digestive system to act out worse and worse if you don’t do something right away.

Thankfully, a breakthrough discovery can make bad digestive symptoms a thing of the past.

It all has to do with a strange molecule found in rotten butter by a French chemist, named Michel Eugène Chevreul.

When scientists put this “stinky molecule” to the test…

They were shocked to discover the natural “building block” of the gut lining for the first time in history.

So why is this important?

Well, this completely natural molecule was not only able to plug the holes of the most troubled leaky gut cases…

But had the ability to decrease inflammation and gut issues in no time, putting an end to digestive discomfort, especially symptoms like low energy, bloating, pain, or poor bowel movements.

That’s because, when you add this “gut building block ingredient” into your diet 1 to 3 times per day…

It can actually change the expression of your digestive system’s DNA and repair it fully.
Because of its unique properties, it was called

“the most vital gut nutrient on Earth”

When the gut receives this molecule, it starts repairing itself, so that stomach pressure, bloating, and constipation are gone.

And because your digestion gets better, your energy improves, too.
Instead of getting sleepy and sluggish after a meal because of slow digestion, you can get back to work or sleep soundly through the night.

Studies show that a healthy gut helps you experience better memory and enhanced immunity… And, fewer cravings for sweet, starchy foods as the “bad bacteria” in the gut is replaced with good bacteria.
Even better, people with great digestion see extra inches melting away from their abdomen, arms, and legs seemingly effortlessly, even if they’ve struggled with their weight for decades.

And, as crazy as it sounds, this “stinky molecule” is actually scientifically proven to make you more attractive to other people. 

Yes. That’s right. And it’s not only because it has the potential to make you slimmer, happier, and more energetic.
When you have more of this substance in your body, other people can perceive it, and find you more attractive.

It all comes down to basic chemistry.I’m going to share what this natural ingredient is, why this works for optimal gut health even if other treatments have failed you.

And, why probiotics and digestive enzymes didn’t quite work for you. Instead of spending hundreds of dollars on doctors’ appointments that never tell you the root cause of your low energy, bloating, weight gain, and poor bowel movements.
Or trying treatment after treatment that never seems to work while your symptoms get worse and worse. You can go straight to the root cause of what’s really causing your digestive problems and start to enjoy delicious meals with your family with no discomfort.

Not only that… But, you will also:

Wake up refreshed and have lasting energy throughout the day, just like you did when you were younger and your bowels worked perfectly;
Stop spending money on antacids, laxatives, or probiotics that only treat the symptoms and do nothing for you on the long run;
Empty your bowels effortlessly and constantly every single morning…
Eat without worrying you’ll get bloated, sick, fatigued, and nauseous right after… And without giving up your favorite foods just because your stomach can’t handle them.
My name is Jonathan Otto, I’m an investigative journalist and health researcher.
Most people know me from my viral docuseries “Autoimmune Secrets” , “Autoimmune Answers” “Depression, Anxiety and DementiaSecrets”, “Natural Health Secrets” and “Women’s Health Secrets”.

These docuseries have helped hundreds of thousands of people around the world find answers and relief after their doctors failed to diagnose and treat the root cause of their health issues.

Doing these docuseries takes serious work.
Throughout the years, I’ve gathered more than 400 natural medicine experts and functional doctors, most of them being internationally acclaimed for the results they get in their private clinics…

And, we got to the bottom of how we can relieve disease, and get healthy using natural ingredients that come from God and Mother Nature. 

Mind you, when interviewing these experts, I didn’t only have one medical opinion.

I had 400 medical opinions that were all pointing to the same natural healing protocols.

This was an absolute guarantee for me that I get the best possible advice to give back to my community.

One thing I got asked the most was:

“How do I fix digestive issues, and get rid of my bloating, pain, constipation, or diarrhea?”

For many people in my community, eating a normal lunch or dinner meant they would get a big,  bloated belly, gas, diarrhea, and constipation almost immediately after they finished eating.

They also struggled with:

An ongoing accumulation of extra pounds, especially in the stomach area, feeling heavy, exhausted, sluggish, tired, and simply unhealthy.
Without ever finding relief, no matter how many doctors they went to or how many treatments they tried. I saw a pattern right then and there.

And my experts confirmed: All Diseases Start in the Gut.

And some of the most difficult cases of depression, anxiety, autoimmune disease, and neurodegenerative disease can be traced back to a gut imbalance.

To be able to help these people recover, it was vital to help them heal their gut first.

That was the consensus shared by all my experts…

So when they tell me that a certain nutrient or gut healing protocol is nothing short of a miracle…

I trust them with all my heart.
Throughout my 10-year journey, thanks to the advice developed by these wonderful and talented professionals, we experienced incredible recovery stories…
People who had recovered from decades of depression, anxiety, and neurodegenerative disease.

People who had controlled their autoimmune diseases, or other chronic diseases such as Lyme disease, leaky gut, irritable bowel syndrome, diabetes, and more.

People who regained their energy, health, sense of calm, and happiness.

People who were able to lose stubborn fat easily after struggling with  ineffective diets for years and years.
People who were saved from severe chemotherapies and risky surgeries even if everything else had failed them before.

People came to us after they were disappointed and frustrated by the conventional medical system.
They complained that they paid an extraordinary amount of money for superficial checkups and that they were rushed out the door with prescriptions for pills after pills.

No explanation, advice, or guidance was provided to them, so people left confused on what was really going on in their gut.

Even worse — they were treated with the same side-effect-laden drugs, no matter what condition they were struggling with.

No wonder that nothing worked to fix their digestive issues in the long run…

These treatments were all recommended as “safe” and even “healing” by the medical establishment…

However, people felt worse and worse…
Throughout the coming months or years, their untreated gut problems usually triggered more serious, chronic issues, such as:
More weight gain
Brain fog
Inexplicable fatigue
Low immunity and autoimmune issues
Food intolerances
Mood swings, depression and anxiety
Memory loss and
autoimmune disease
So you might be wondering…

What did we do differently to help people who have already been to every doctor or clinic without ever finding relief?

Our community came to us after finishing the usual bag of tricks gastroenterologists recommend:
But none of these treatments helped in the long run. We were their last hope, before giving up on trying to fix their issues. Most doctors don’t look at the body as the interconnected complex mechanism that it is.
They’re trained to look at a symptom and treat that symptom with drugs. However, thanks to the extraordinary expertise of our doctors, we went deeper.

We know that the gut is called “the second brain”, because it’s the most important system in your body after your brain.

Anything that affects the gut will affect the body as a whole.

So we figured out a common root cause of all gut-related issues, from depression to lack of energy.

This is very important information that most doctors don’t share — yet it has achieved amazing results for us.
Picture this:
Your gut is surrounded by your gut lining.

This microscopic layer helps your body absorb nutrients from foods through the digestive process. 

Your gut lining also acts as the gatekeeper of your gut.  It  prevents food particles and toxins from leaking into your blood and causing poisoning and inflammation.

However, the gut lining is only one cell thick, so it’s literally microscopic and very fragile…

And oftentimes, it gets broken in various places, a condition we now define as “the leaky gut syndrome”
Leaky gut causes bloating, pain, gas, cramps, constipation, diarrhea, and gut disorders such as irritable bowel syndrome

And unfortunately, it doesn’t stop here.

What happens next is that these toxins, bacteria, and even undigested food particles called endotoxins leak into your bloodstream and start poisoning your blood, little by little.

This causes your immune system to go into “high alert” and attack these endotoxins, potentially causing a weak immune system, allergies, and autoimmune disease.
Next, because your blood gets flooded with damaging endotoxins, you get a cascade effect:

You wear down your immune system that desperately fights against toxins instead of viruses and bacteria…

And, you slowly create chronic inflammation in the body.

Chronic inflammation is like a fire in your body that you cannot see or feel. You never know it’s there until it’s too late — And you’ve already been diagnosed with a severe condition.
Most doctors won’t tell you this, but the World Health Organization ranks chronic inflammation as the top threat to human life.

It’s linked to diabetes, to heart problems, to joint pain, to skin issues, to digestive problems, to food allergies, and to deteriorating health.
“Chronic inflammation is a smoldering process that injures your tissues, joints, and blood vessels, and you often do not notice it until significant damage is done.The damage might show up as arthritis, heart disease, stroke, and even Alzheimer’s disease.”

Dr. Andrew Luster, of the Center for Immunology and Inflammatory Diseases at the Harvard-affiliated Massachusetts General Hospital
Chronic inflammation also causes leptin resistance, the hormone that makes you feel hungry all the time and stores everything you eat into pure, resistant fat.

The root cause of all this? Your leaky gut.

By allowing toxins to enter your bloodstream, you get digestive discomfort at first… And, that opens the gates for more terrible diseases later on.

Most doctors try to treat the symptoms of leaky gut with unproven probiotics, but what’s usually a huge mistake.


If you were to study one’s microbiome, you would find that the microbiota is as unique as your fingerprint.

Which means that each person needs different probiotic strains and different types of enzymes to heal.
However, a lot of doctors treat unique microbiomes with general strains of probiotics that aren’t well researched.

Which might be good for some people, but not work for others.

And when you bombard the gut with probiotics that might NOT work for you:

First, you never solve your leaky gut issues.

Second, you may get side-effects like bloating and constipation, which are really the things you wanted to heal in the first place!

However, there’s a better protocol for fixing digestive issues.

This Three-Step Approach Helps the Gut
on a Profound Level

Fixing the gut lining
Stop endotoxins from leaking into the bloodstream that cause bloating, pain, chronic disease, inflammation, and food sensitivities.
Preserving the healthy balance of the gut microbiota
That will help solve deeper issues like weight gain, low moods, digestive issues, skin rashes, food allergies, and more
Fill your gut microbiota with replenishing food
To help you digest any meal more easily, and absorb as many nutrients as your body needs from your food.
Ok, so armed with this knowledge, we embarked on a  HIGHLY ambitious project.

We decided we would change the way medicine treats the gut and help people that desperately need help.

We began studying every single gut-protecting ingredient on the Planet. We consulted the National Library of Medicine, Harvard Health, the Mayo Clinic, and independent research from the most acclaimed universities around the world.

We made sure we left no stone unturned.

We searched for ingredients that can help:

Our research team was pretty amazing.

I was lucky enough to count on the expertise of 400 functional medicine doctors, top natural health researchers, highly respected supplement formulators, and our in-house team of specialists searching for promising studies.

We started our research with the most popular ingredients you can find in almost every gut supplement out there.

And discovered that a lot of these ingredients don’t really do much for your gut.

Even the ones that your doctors always tell you to buy.
But as we kept on digging deeper, and getting new research from famous universities…

Four ingredients struck gold for us.

Unfortunately, these 4 ingredients are almost never included in conventional digestive supplements or probiotics you can find on Amazon or your local pharmacies…

So very few doctors prescribe them to patients.

So grab a pen and paper and get ready to write them down:

The first ingredient is butyrate.

Butyrate is a short-chain fatty acid naturally produced by our gut flora.
It’s the building block of your gut, and the most important ingredient that helps maintain the integrity of your gut lining.
It naturally fills the holes of your gut lining and protects your gut from damage.

It lowers inflammation that wreaks havoc on your digestive system and makes you bloated and fatigued.

And, it protects against diarrhea, inflammatory bowel disease, Crohn’s disease, ulcers, and even colon cancer.

On a cellular level, it maintains the health of your gut, by lowering inflammation and oxidative damage that damage your digestion and deplete your energy after every meal.
And, because butyrate is produced in the body, it’s a perfectly safe and natural ingredient, well tolerated by almost anyone.

But there’s more than meets the eye when it comes to this miraculous building block. Studies show that butyrate can:
Protect against obesity and decrease hunger and food cravings
Provide fuel to the brain, which may improve your long-term memory as a result.
“There are at least 17 benefits of butyrate, but the main reason I take butyrate is to balance my gut and lower inflammation. When you don’t have enough butyrate-producing bacteria in your gut, like me, you may be more likely to develop gut inflammation. Butyrate has also helped improve my memory drastically! That’s because my genes naturally result in decreased brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF) production, while butyrate helps to increase it.”

– Joe Cohen, the CEO of Self-Hacked, a science-backed health magazine
And here’s another very interesting fact:

Our noses are better at picking out butyrate than almost any other smell on Earth.

This means other people can detect the smell of your butyrate levels…

And, you can detect other people’s butyrate levels too!

High butyrate levels indicate to the brain that you are attractive, kind, and trustworthy, which makes people literally like you more. That’s an amazing “perk” of healthy butyrate levels most people don’t talk about.
Step 2 of our gut restoration is preserving the balance of your gut microbiota.

This step will improve the results you get from butyrate and greatly reduce bloating and gas.

So, instead of treating the microbiota with general strains of probiotics that might not work for you.

We found something that helps your own good bacteria to thrive and balance itself.

Gut repair superstar ingredient #2:
“The fat-loss promoters“

We found a very special type of PREBIOTICS (not probiotics) called oligosaccharides.

What’s really amazing about oligosaccharides is they improve the balance in your microbiota by only feeding the “good bugs” in your gut, which helps you easily digest foods.

Another special thing about these probiotics is they help absorb intestinal fat like a vacuum and stop calories from being stored as fatWe found a very special type of PREBIOTICS (not probiotics) called oligosaccharides.
What’s really amazing about oligosaccharides is they improve the balance in your microbiota by only feeding the “good bugs” in your gut, which helps you easily digest foods.

Another special thing about these probiotics is they help absorb intestinal fat like a vacuum and stop calories from being stored as fat. We found a very special type of PREBIOTICS (not probiotics) called oligosaccharides.
“[…] the use of specific prebiotics may stimulate satiety hormones and enhance appetite control, which may help in body weight control

U.S. National Library of Medicine Study
So we discovered two gut-boosting superstars, butyrate and oligosaccharides, which were science-backed to help your gut lining and gut bacteria at once. We also found…

Gut-Boosting Superstar #3:
“Nature's most effective supplement“

Fulvic acid

Fulvic acid contains over 60+ minerals that are essential for your cells… which is why it has been called “nature’s most effective supplement” by some experts.

It’s actually made from organic acids from soil matter.

And it’s excellent at detoxing your body from the endotoxins that have been leaking into your bloodstream, causing toxicity, damage, and inflammation.
When you’re suffering from leaky gut, detoxing from all the bad stuff that swims in your blood is absolutely essential, so you need a safe compound that is able to do that.
Extra Benefit?
One study proved that fulvic acid reduces skin allergies as effectively as the most common anti-allergy drug, which is amazing, because steroids come with so many side effects.

And it could even change how doctors treat their patients in clinics.
We had discovered butyrate, the building block of your gut lining, that can repair the gut from the DNA level, fix the leaks of your gut, and dramatically decrease inflammation…

Oligosaccharides, the most effective type of prebiotic that feeds the good bacteria in the gut, allowing the microbiota to naturally flourish…

And Bacillus coagulans, a probiotic that greatly helps in reducing virtually all digestive issues and depression.

And, then we had the fulvic acid that may detox the body from endotoxins, and give the nutrient boost that is needed to repair the gut cells from the inside out.
These four ingredients are a powerhouse for your gut health because they are clinically proven to help your digestion and your body even if nothing else worked so far.

We actually started to research the best brands in the world and see if they would offer this formula so I can recommend it to my community.

We soon arrived at a dead end.

No other supplement in the world has these ingredients combined in the right, effective dosage.
We also found that a lot of supplements offer a low-quality butyrate called sodium butyrate. 

But sodium butyrate has a huge problem:

most of it never reaches the colon.

Most of it gets “eaten” by the small intestine, instead of going right where you need it.

So almost all that precious butyrate goes to waste, while throwing money out the window.

Actually, to take the recommended dose of 300 to 900 mg every day, you would need to take 10 capsules or more every single day, which is expensive and impractical.
The second thing that really worried me was the smell.
So remember that butyrate smells like rotten butter?

Believe me, the taste is even worse.

Sodium butyrate instantly makes you nauseous and sick to your stomach, like drinking a glass of spoiled milk on an empty stomach first thing in the morning.

I just couldn’t imagine how people could stomach it.

So imagine telling people they would need to get 10 expensive, disgusting pills every single day for 3 or 6 months. That’s not an option for many of us.
I gathered my team again and started to brainstorm ways in which we can offer people the best butyrate on the market, in an effective dosage that doesn’t make you feel sick at the mere thought of taking it.
After much research, we finally found what we were looking for:

One world-class supplement manufacturer owned a patent for Tributyrin.

This is a pure form of butyrate that  is able to pass intact through the stomach and small intestine and go straight to the colon…

And it’s 3 – 4x more potent than the sodium butyrate that’s available on the market. It was expensive, but it was the “effective butyrate” for gut health.
Even better, this patented power dose of tributyrin is also encapsulated properly.

So you get a natural banana taste in your mouth when you swallow it instead of the repulsive taste.

What we did next was to show them the whole formula.

They helped us create our unique formulation in an FDA-approved facility with ingredients in the right potency.
After months of testing, we had a safe, effective formula that we called

Biome Renew 4

We believe it’s the leading supplement for gut health, because it can help end digestive discomfort once and for all.

Core Biome is a multi-purpose gut treatment.

First, it helps plug the holes of your leaky gut and detox your body from endotoxins, while replenishing your body with minerals and antioxidants

Second, it balances and nourishes your gut flora and puts an end to bloating, pain, diarrhea, or fatigue

Third, it promotes healthy weight by melting belly fat, and reducing cravings at the same time.
As gut function naturally improves, your body becomes more balanced, so things like depression, memory loss, autoimmune disease, skin issues, or allergies can naturally dissolve.

I am proud to say that Biome Renew 4 is the only product available that combines these natural ingredients into one single, natural capsule.

The reason I love this formula so much is because it’s so compatible with the human gut.
Your body produces and uses butyrate, prebiotics, and fulvic acids for its many functions, so numerous studies attest to the efficacy of every single ingredient.

Compared to other products, it doesn’t change your microbiome by adding new strains — rather, it optimizes and grows your unique microbiota.
It’s a 100% natural process that gives your body what it needs without any drugs, chemicals, or foreign compounds.

So instead of bombarding your gut with different chemicals, you’re using the same natural substances your body uses for its nourishment and healing.

Best of all, all the ingredients are
scientifically proven to help your gut and they’re:

to help the digestive tract.
Sourced from
FDA-approved facilities
Contain no GMOs
No sugar
Zero calories
Come from food grade European material which is the gold standard when it comes to supplements.

Here’s what my doctors have to say about the supplement formulator or other clients

“Before, I was practically suicidal. Now I am very happy and you know, just live my whole life in an absolutely different way. So Thank You, I just have not enough words to tell you Thank You. I just can’t stop crying.”
“Thank you. Thank you with all my heart for coming up with this and putting it up there. I mean…all of the people, thank you. Really. This is life-changing for me.”
All you need to do is take 1 to 3 doses or Biome Renew 4 every single day with a glass of water, before or after breakfast, to enjoy the steady energy that comes with a healthy gut…

Instead of getting the watered down ingredients you can find on any supermarket aisle, and call it a day…
You now have a transformative gut formula that’s scientifically proven to help the gut.
As you may imagine, getting the patented formulas from our manufacturer, testing, and then distributing it all over the world was quite a challenge.

In some ways, it still is.

Which is why, when Biome Renew 4 gets produced in large quantities, it will retail for $79.99 per bottle, which is a steal taking into account how expensive every single ingredient is when taken separately.

However, you don’t have to pay our retail price of $79.99 today.

We decided to dramatically lower the price for the first 1,000 orders, for people who are committed to improving their gut health, weight, energy levels, and immunity as a way to give back to the world during this difficult time…

As we know just how hard this year has been financially and health-wise.
But your gut walls and microbiome have probably been damaged for years, even decades.

Because of processed food, water pollution, stress, and the aging process that takes its toll on the body.

As the years go by, you probably noticed your digestion worsening, your fatigue after meals becoming paralyzing, and your energy level quickly dropping after every meal.
This ongoing damage made you experience pain, bloating, constipation, diarrhea, and more. The damage happened slowly, throughout years, maybe decades.

Biome Renew 4™ doesn’t need decades to undo the damage.

But for best results, we recommend you to be patient and allow the ingredients to work for at least 3 to 9 months.

We put together a few different options that make the full treatment affordable to you, and make sure you don’t run out of Biome Renew 4™ and disrupt your progress.

Biome Renew 4

doesn’t need decades to undo the damage.

But for best results, we recommend you to be patient and allow the ingredients to work for at least 3 to 9 months.

We put together a few different options that make the full treatment affordable to you, and make sure you don’t run out of Biome Renew 4™ and disrupt your progress.
You can click on your favorite option to go through
our fast & secure checkout process right away:
If you get 3 bottles of Biome Renew 4™ today, it will last you through the CRUCIAL first 3 months of complete gut rebalancing.
Plus, you save $102 and you make sure you won’t quit your progress mid-way because you can’t find Biome Renew 4™ in stock, even at full retail price.

But if you suffer more serious digestive symptoms and you want to give your gut a strong boost that allows a total transformation, then the 6-bottle option is the way to go for you.

We gave the biggest discounts for people who desperately need the 6 bottle option for a complete transformation.
If you’re struggling with painful bloating, cramps, fatigue, constipation, or diarrhea for years and years without finding relief.

If you want to enjoy your food again, and appreciate mealtimes with your family without searching for the nearest bathroom every time you have a snack.

If you want an extra boost to manage your weight naturally and without diets.

Then taking Biome Renew 4™ for three to nine months is the best choice for you.
I really want you to fully experience the benefits and enjoy more energy, better moods, and optimal digestion, which is why I’ve created the best-value 6-bottle option for you:

If you get the 6-bottle option, you get $245.94 OFF.

You get every single bottle for just $39.00, which means you only pay $1.30 per day for a power dose of Biome Renew 4™.

All you need to do to get started immediately is to choose your favorite package and click the ADD TO CART button to order.
If you see your option appearing on check out page, it means that we still have your package in stock with the extra savings, and that the package is ready to be shipped to your door in a few days.

Simply add your details into our 100% secure and encrypted order form, wait for the confirmation email to instantly download your gut protocol, and get ready to receive your Biome Renew 4™ package at your door fast.

For any questions, you can simply call our US customer support team at 1-888-744-2614 or you can write to me at [email protected] for any information.
My personal guarantee
I know that Biome Renew 4™ can transform lives. And I stand by this amazing formula. Which is why I can make a solid promise and guarantee to you:

  1. That you will see a transformation with Biome Renew 4™, or you will get your money back.
  2. That Biome Renew 4 will continue to work for you on the long term, and continue to offer amazing benefits to the whole body.
You have 90 days (or three months) to try a daily dose of Biome Renew 4 for yourself.
If you don’t experience all the amazing benefits I told you about… or if you’re simply not satisfied with your experience with Biome Renew 4™…

You will get your money back down to the last penny any time in the next 60 days.

No questions asked. This means that you can either:

Be absolutely thrilled to have discovered Biome Renew 4™ or pay absolutely nothing for trying.

Going for the 3 bottle or the 6 bottle option is the best value investment for you, especially since it’s protected by a full 60-day money back guarantee.

Because if you’re not satisfied, you can simply return all the bottles in the next 60 days and have your whole amount refunded to you right away.
And if you’re satisfied, you pay the lowest amount possible, and put an end to the digestive discomfort, low energy, weight gain, and more.

In addition to being the best-value offer, the 6-bottle option also gives your body the time it needs to feel the full effects.

That’s why for me personally, the 6-bottle option is by far the best choice. But I’ll let you decide.

“It works or it’s FREE - 100% Risk-Free Guarantee”

Take action today and fix your gut health before it gets even worse.

If you don’t notice improvements in your gut health, energy, weight, and more, or if you’re not satisfied for any reason, you can get your money back in the next 60 days, down to every penny.

With our “Love it or It’s Free” Money-Back guarantee, there is NO risk in trying Biome Renew 4. All you need to do is take 60 seconds to complete your order today, before our supplies run out.

-Jonathan Otto

Remember that supplies are limited and discounts are only available for the first 1,000 bottles

So what you want to do is to take action now, and don’t postpone it for later when you might miss out on the discounts, Or find out that supplies are gone for good, which means you might have to wait for weeks or even months to get one bottle at $79.99.

But that is, of course, your choice.

The way I see it, you can either do nothing, and keep experiencing digestive discomfort and more health troubles along the way. And maybe get useless treatments down the road when the pain and the discomfort get more severe.

Or you can decide that enough is enough, take action now and try a complete gut restoration supplement that has a unique formula you’ll never find anywhere else in the world.

Remember, you can always change your mind and receive a refund for Biome Renew 4 in the next 60 days for any reason whatsoever.

So you have literally nothing to lose and everything to gain if Biome Renew 4 is the solution you’ve been looking for.

Frequently Asked Questions

Biome Renew 4 is a natural supplement that aims to help people with digestive problems. Biome Renew 4 has a unique formulation that tackles multiple gut and health issues:

  • Helps control a healthy weight and decreases appetite.
  • Helps repair the leaks in the gut lining that cause “the leaky gut”
  • Improve the gut microbiome by feeding the good bacteria in your gut
  • Helps you get more antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals, both from the foods you eat and from the ingredients in the formula;
  • Helps immunity and decreases inflammation; through the immunity-regulating and anti-inflammatory effect of the ingredients;
  • Encourages the expression of your healthy genes
  • And more.
I recommend you to take Biome Renew 4 every morning, with a glass of water or tea, to start your day with more nutrients, antioxidants, and gut-protecting ingredients.

You can start with one dose of Biome Renew 4 which can be taken with or without food.

For more challenging gastrointestinal problems, I suggest you increase the dosage up to 3 daily doses.

You can start with one daily dose, and work your way up.
Biome Renew 4 is a natural supplement with no reported side-effects so far.

As an investigative journalist, I’m trained to triple-check every source of information, and that’s exactly what I did with this unique gut-repairing formula.

I wouldn’t sell products to my community that I wouldn’t recommend to my family.

Which is why I had an outstanding team of doctors, naturopaths, and supplement formulators work together to make sure Biome Renew 4 is totally safe, effective, and contain only ingredients sourced in their freshest, purest form from trustworthy suppliers.

We consulted with the best of the best and I spared no effort in making sure that Biome Renew 4 is one of safest, most effective gut repairing products ever created.

However, like any supplement, it might not work for relieving symptoms in 100% of the people who try it.

If Biome Renew 4 doesn’t work for you, you can simply call our customer support team and get an immediate refund.

Also, there is always a small segment of the population who shouldn’t take this formula because it may interfere with their chronic health conditions or the medications they’re taking.

Which is why I always advise my community to consult with their doctor before taking any supplement (and not just Biome Renew 4).

However, if you purchase it today and your doctor doesn’t give you the green light, that’s okay.

You can simply contact our dedicated customer support team and get an immediate, no-questions asked refund.
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