My gut was RUINING my life…

Until I discovered this

Eastern Elixir

That turned my energy-draining "pregnant bloat

Into a FLAT, toned belly

Faster than I ever expected!

Hi, I'm Sarah, a mother, wife, and dedicated school teacher.

My world may seem like a picture-perfect family portrait.

But it’s a lie.

I’ve guarded a hidden secret… A silent struggle that’s slowly drained the life I once knew.

Going from slim, full of energy and happiness….

I started dreading going into
my classroom every day...

And I know it showed because recently, on more than one occasion, my students have innocently asked me…

“Are you ok?”

How could I possibly tell these sweet children:
“No, I’m not okay, I’m in a living hell right now. My gut hurts every day, I’m constantly running to the bathroom… And my relationship with my husband and my kids has completely fallen apart because of how I feel”
I’m guessing that response would have
gotten a few calls from parents!
But even though this constant pain, bloating and fatigue
was a living nightmare, I’m so thankful for it…
Because it led me to discover this

Eastern Elixir

That HELPED ME in my healing process!

And if it wasn't for two capsules a day of this Eastern Elixir ...

My life would have remained
a living nightmare!

You see, fatigue was weighing on me day in and day out.
It was like a shadow that just clinged to me from the moment I woke up…. Until I fell into bed at night.

I felt drained of all my energy.
Desperate for a night of uninterrupted sleep.

My life was filled with endless responsibilities – my job, my children, my home.

A constant juggling act where I always needed to keep up.

But somewhere along the way…. I lost sight of my own well-being!
Persistent bloating became my new “normal”.
And no matter how much I tried to reduce it….
Nothing helped!
I went from feeling confident in my favorite summer bikini, to hiding behind layers of clothing at the beach…
even in 100 degree weather!
Worst of all, even if I slightly reduced my bloating, it would only take one wrong bite to reverse any progress I made.
It felt like bloating just came in and out of my life as it pleased. Like an unwelcome guest that arrives unannounced…. and overstays its welcome.
My meals were ruined by the anxiety of my stomach swelling up like a balloon!
Which left me feeling heavy and sluggish.

I Battled The Daily Pain of

Looking Pregnant

Even When I Wasn´t.
Which Only Fueled My Insecurities!

My bloating wasn’t just uncomfortable….
It was destroying my marriage too.
Not because he didn’t desire me, but because I was too insecure. I felt he would be turned off if I opened up to him.

At that point, we hadn’t made love in over 7 months! Something inside of me feared he was turned off by my horrible bloat.

Even though he reassured me that he loved me and desired me,
I just couldn´t believe him.
He could have told me that I´m beautiful a thousand times, but it STILL wouldn’t have worked.

Because my growing bloat convinced me otherwise.
It made me look and feel pregnant.
And that’s a painful comparison for any woman!
I couldn’t wear my favorite T-shirts anymore because it only accentuated my bulging gut.

I couldn´t swim with my children at the beach like we used to anymore because all the other kids just kept staring,

And the other mothers’ rude comments didn’t help either.

I couldn’t even look at myself in the mirror anymore.

Because each glance was just another reminder that my body wasn’t what it used to be anymore.
It ruined the confidence I had built up over SO many years.

If My Pregnant Bloat Wasn't Enough My Gut Would Take Turns With

Sudden Diarrhea &
Nauseating Constipation!

My bad gut took all the predictability out of my life.

I never knew exactly when the nightmare switch would flip. Almost as if my gut had a mind of its own at this point!

I´d go from RUNNING to the toilet, filled with fear that I might soil my underwear, to not being able to relieve myself for WEEKS!

Which made me feel like I added 20lbs to my belly.

And when I finally did relieve myself, the INTENSE pain I felt was like I was passing tiny shards of glass!

At that point, I had two dreadful choices:

Sudden diarrhea or intense constipation that left me feeling extreme nausea.

Both left me feeling more anxious than I ever felt before and overwhelmed by a sense of complete helplessness.

No matter what I did…. nothing worked!
I tried FODMAP diets. Did countless processes of food elimination. I cut out wheat, I cut out dairy, heck even my favorite chocolate.
But nothing worked.
I even tried enemas multiple times, which only added temporary relief.

But when my gut went back to its horrible “normal”, it only made me feel worse because I knew just how bad my health had become.

I spent thousands of dollars on naturopaths and medical doctors.

But every visit left my wallet lighter…. and my gut heavier. These symptoms only seemed to get worse over time, they would strike without warning.
It left me in a state of panic.
Sometimes it was a simple trip to the grocery store. Other times…. It happened during work meetings.

The fear of not being near a restroom became a constant worry.

These hell-ish episodes controlled my life, like I was just a puppet on a string!

The paralyzing fear of when the next flare-up would strike, completely reshaped my daily routines.

I was vulnerable and anxious.
My social life was non-existent….
And these toxic flare-ups robbed me of life’s simple pleasures.

Like enjoying laughter with my loved ones, or being able to play with my children in our backyard.

I really became a prisoner to my own body, fearful of the unpredictable.
This was NOT a life worth living.
I had never truly experienced depression until then… which was the DARKEST period of my life.
I knew something needed to change.

So I Started With A Simple Question
That Would Transform My Gut Health Forever!

Why am I struggling with
terrible gut health

if this wasn’t a problem 40 years ago?

You see, one of the MANY doctors I visited told me that the issues I face daily were far less common just a few decades ago.

So with that at the forefront of my mind, I spent over 10 months pouring my heart into research. Early mornings and late nights became my new routine. It felt like I was in university all over again!

It didn’t help that no one seemed to understand why I was going down this road.
Even my closest friends tried to talk me out of it. That I should just “follow what the doctors said”… and that “this is just how my body is”.

But they didn’t understand the agony I faced every day!

My family kept commenting on how I didn’t spend much time with them anymore. This only made me feel even lonelier than I already felt.

But I kept pushing because I KNEW that I was approaching my breakthrough.
I couldn´t stop.
After reading 100s of books on biology and gut health and consulting with dozens of experts and gut health specialists…
I began to understand more and more about what an unhealthy gut looks like and how it can WRECK your overall health.

Everything from your “pregnant bloat”, to your agonizing stomach cramps, is a result of an unhealthy gut.

Here’s the thing, even though we live in a first world country, almost everything around us is making us sick!

Experts show that gut issues are on the rise and much of it is due to processed foods and obesity.

Take a look at our standard American diet.

According to the

researchers from the Netherlands report that
a diet full of high fat and high sugar foods,

Which you can find in most fast foods,

Can lead to an unhealthy gut.

Even your water is working against you.
According to the National Institute of Health, your water has what´s known as Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals.

From Fluoride, to urinated birth control that wasn´t filtered out properly. That stuff is all in your water.

This takes a massive toll on your hormone regulation.

Causing unregulated weight gain, mood swings, infertility, and more!
Here’s the thing, you mainly find the effects of an unhealthy gut when you have factors like these.

Which is in most of the Western world. Whereas in the East, we see something very different.

Take Singapore, for example, which is one of the healthiest countries in the world.

Why? Because they have herbs and spices in their cuisine which helps to prevent illness.

Spices like ginger and turmeric, which are crucial for making a traditional laksa curry, have anti-inflammatory and anti-nausea properties!

This actually allows

more vital nutrients

to reach each organ!

Now here’s what blew my mind:

Your gut actually has an entire “ecosystem” of its own! It’s called

the gut microbiome

In simple terms, your gut microbiome is a community of trillions of microorganisms living in your digestive system.

And that includes bacteria, viruses, and fungi.
It plays a crucial role in digestion, immune function, and overall health.

But when your gut microbiome isn’t healthy, the rest of your health slowly deteriorates, giving you the nightmare-level symptoms you face daily!

Now, as vital as this discovery was… I knew there was more to it.
After weeks and weeks of researching what Eastern cultures did to achieve and maintain perfect gut health….
It all made sense!
These traditional cultures don’t battle extreme bloating, anxiety-fueling diarrhea, or nauseating constipation the way we do in the West.

The reason why is very simple.

Eastern cultures focus on a more holistic approach to gut health.
They understand certain key elements to achieving a healthy gut microbiome that the West is oblivious to!

Unlike many of us, they don’t just take probiotics and hope for the best.

Eastern cultures know that harmony is the KEY to a healthy gut microbiome.
This cannot be forced.
It has to be nurtured.

And to do this, you need to focus on what
ancient cultures have been doing for

hundreds of years!

These cultures understand that like any living organism,

our gut microbiome needs fuel.

And the way they do this
is unlike ANYTHING you´ve heard before.

Here’s what I discovered:

In the vast landscapes of the East, where ancient tradition
stands firm, a legendary elixir is said to exist—it’s called the

Eastern Elixir.

This “mythical concoction” comprises four key elements:

MLG 50
Fulvic Mineral powder

This powerful mix is based on old practices
but also includes some modern wisdom.

It all started with PROBIOTICS

My quest began with PROBIOTICS, the living microorganisms hailed for their gut-friendly prowess.

In the heart of Asia, the ancient practice of fermenting foods has been a treasure trove of these beneficial bacteria.

Sources like kefir, kimchi, and miso have been cherished for centuries, providing a rich source of probiotics that contribute to gut health.

Studies have suggested their potential to enhance digestion, fortify the immune system, and even impact mental well-being.

Following that, we have PREBIOTICS

Venturing deeper into this discovery, I encounter prebiotics—the nourishment for our gut’s friendly inhabitants.

In Asia, the culinary landscape unfolds a tapestry of prebiotic-rich foods.

Root vegetables like garlic and onions, along with greens such as leeks and asparagus, have been part of traditional diets.

These ingredients are not only delicious, but are also very healthy for the gut microbiota!

Now let's talk about the power of POSTBIOTICS

As I searched further, I uncovered the mystical realm of POSTBIOTICS.

These are the metabolites produced by probiotics during their fermentation process.

Fermented teas, a longstanding tradition in Asia, offer a sip into the world of postbiotics.

Kombucha, revered for its potential health benefits, is particularly celebrated for those potential health benefits.

Studies indicate that the bioactive compounds in fermented teas may contribute to gut health and overall well-being.

And lastly, FULVIC MINERAL Wisdom

The pinnacle of the Eastern Elixir is MLG 50, a groundbreaking fulvic mineral powder.

Abundant in certain Asian soils, fulvic minerals are a product of organic matter decomposition.

MLG 50, stands as a testament to the ancient practice of harnessing nature’s minerals.

Fulvic minerals enhance the absorption of essential nutrients in the gut, promote a balanced and diverse gut microbiota, and even have detoxifying properties, which helps remove heavy metals and other toxins from the digestive system.

Now, here's the most important part:

These ancient cultures also know EXACTLY how to use this.
It’s not just about taking it all together and winging it.
No, there’s a simple process to fuel healthy gut bacteria.

First, probiotics are introduced to support a healthy gut environment.
This is the foundation of a healthy gut environment.
These beneficial microbes need sustenance to thrive….

And that’s where prebiotics come in.
Prebiotics act as the fuel….
Nourishing probiotics and helping them combat harmful bacteria.

But it doesn’t end there. The essential third step is postbiotics.
Postbiotics play a crucial role in maintaining gut balance.
They’re the “secret weapons” ensuring things run smoothly.

When you use all 3 of these pre, pro, and postbiotics,

You create THE perfect environment

for your gut health to flourish.

This way, you´re not limiting yourself to partial benefits that might give you temporary hope…

Only to leave you feeling MORE discouraged when your gut health deteriorates again. All because it doesn’t have the support it actually needs.

But when you use all 3 of these together,
You will develop a truly healthy gut microbiota.

And the 4th component to tie it all in takes gut health to

a whole new level.

This last step in this truly powerful protocol…. Is the use of

fulvic mineral powder.

These ancient cultures also know EXACTLY how to use this.
It’s not just about taking it all together and winging it.
No, there’s a simple process to fuel healthy gut bacteria.

First, probiotics are introduced to support a healthy gut environment.
This is the foundation of a healthy gut environment.
These beneficial microbes need sustenance to thrive….

And that’s where prebiotics come in.
Prebiotics act as the fuel….
Nourishing probiotics and helping them combat harmful bacteria.

But it doesn’t end there. The essential third step is postbiotics.
Postbiotics play a crucial role in maintaining gut balance.
They’re the “secret weapons” ensuring things run smoothly.

When you use all 3 of these pre, pro, and postbiotics,

You create THE perfect environment

for your gut health to flourish.

Now, in light of this life-changing discovery….
The question BEGS to be asked


You see, many gut health supplements out there simply don’t use probiotics, prebiotics and postbiotics together in a functional blend.

They might use two together at most, but even then, they don´t understand the Eastern philosophy that powers true gut health.

Without this understanding, you risk forcing gut health…. Which only leaves you worse off.

You need a holistic approach to achieving gut health. This is what Eastern cultures have been doing for ages!
Each of the 4 components are essential, which ensures you receive total support for your transformation.

I know this may sound like I’m exaggerating but you CAN’T miss any of these steps if you want lasting results!

Neglecting even postbiotics can lead to the return of that horrible “pregnant” bloating, as well as the intense pain that cripples your day-to-day, Ruining any progress you may have made!

I know this firsthand, and trust me when I say….
You CAN’T just “wing”

your gut health.

It will leave you feeling worse and demotivated afterward,
which is not what you need when trying to make progress.

After this breakthrough, I needed to find someone who could fund this “Eastern Elixir” and make it available to the Americans.

You see, while in the East it’s affordable, to source and ship it out to America is extremely expensive for individuals.

For months I struggled to find someone to fund this lifesaver.
And just before I gave up entirely….

I met Jonathan Otto!

He understood what it was like to live in unbearable pain, and he could see the vision behind this Ancient gut health solution.

So he spent hundreds of thousands of dollars sourcing these specialized ingredients. And eventually, when it was finally made in a way that it held all its potency, while still being affordable…

I jumped at it straight away, volunteering to be the first one to test our own “Eastern Elixir”.

After what felt like mere days, for the first time in YEARS, my gut began to feel healthy again!

Before I knew it, my life went from being a daily battle – facing the kind of agony I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy – to feeling the vibrant, and overwhelming joy of incredible gut health!

My “pregnant bloat” that crippled my life, flattened out to a bikini model level.

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